About Us


By Grace Disabled Orphans Center (BGDOC) is a registered Community-based organization whose mandate is centered on child support and protection, windows and victims of HIV/AIDS through capacity building and the provision of direct essential basic needs and medical support where necessary. BGDOC vision is “To reach out and touch as many vulnerable children (orphans) through education, medical care and provision of adequate shelter for a better community”. BGDOC was established in the year 2002 with a believe that “Every child belongs to a family and should grow with love respect and security”. So far, over 10,000 lives have been transformed.


BDOC has extensive experience Working with and for vulnerable children. The organization aims to Services provide and maintain a cutting edge solutions to daily issues facing children and the communities that surround them through uncompromising quality in the delivery of child support and protection services keenly working together to achieve our major objectives in order to improve their livelihoods

Our Services

  • Children’s Home
  • Child Rescue and Protection
  • Child Advocacy
  • Education Support
  • Psycho social Support (Children & Guardian)
  • Legal Protection
  • Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Assistive Devices to all impaired or abled -differently
  • Women Empowerment


    To support and protect vulnerable children and orphans by increasing their access to basic life support services in areas such as healthy feeding, education, psycho-social and socio-cultural support.


    To reach and touch as many vulnerable families (Orphans) with proper feeding and nutrition, education, medical care, and provision of adequate shelter for a better community.


    To promote unity in the community and create an environment where familyhood, love and individual values are respected.


  • Create safe spaces for championing, promoting and protecting the rights of children. youth and women.
  • To develop partnership with likeminded individuals and organizations
  • To act as an advoc ate for community empowerment and development in the area.
  • To develop programs to improve the living standards of the residents in the area
  • To inluence the community by implementing development projects in the area.
  • To educate and train members of the org anization on technical skills in order to eradicate poverty


    By Grace Disabled Orphans Center (BGDOC) is a duly registered charitable non-governmental, as required under the Cap 532 laws of Kenya. The organization was established in the year 2002 at KAYOLE AREA P.O BOX 12147 -00400, NAIROB with a believe that “Every child belongs to a family and should grow with love respect and security ”. The organization is situated at Kayole and Dornhom in E mbakasi Central and Emba kasi West Constituencies respectively


    BGDOC programs are fou nded on the understanding that local people are essentially responsible for their own development and welfare. This is realized through community owned participatory approaches as effective tools in achieving broad-based child welfare and support Programs that are open to all without discrimination. The promotion of virtues of Excellence, Compassionate, Custodianship, integrity, truthfulness, Sincerity, service to Humanity, cooperation and understanding remain integral in all BGDOC’s activities. BGDOCs pro grammes are also aligned to respond to and comply with the government big four agenda, developmental policies (Vision 2030) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a child based private non-governmental organization, we are committed to ensure accessibility and sustainability of child empowerment and support services for all the people in Embakasi sub-county, Nairobi County irrespective of the race, tribe or political afiliation. Further this will be done without restriction as to color, disability or handicap, national origin, religious creed or sex. The children empowerment committee of the organization acts and operates in accordance with guidelines determined by the lending agency and may offer money to train and offer child support funds. The services will be availed to any Child who seeks the same as long as: That client or child is genuinely seeking that assistance within the acceptable need parameters and that, the money and other Children empowerment services and, facilities as well as personnel appropriate for that course are available. Within the space available in particular programmes, services shall be offered preferentially to the needy children